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Attain Consulting Group, LLC is dedicated to helping companies increase profitability by reducing and controlling chargebacks and deductions. By offering proven, impact-oriented services such as Deduction Check-UpsCustomer Recovery StrategiesSettlement Preparation and Negotiation AssistanceDeduction Coaching and tailored Training Programs, Attain Consulting helps companies improve their vendor compliance performance. We help companies take their deduction management process to the next level and add dollars to their bottom line. Our tried and true process uncovers the root causes of chargebacks whether that is limited software capabilities or lack of communication between departments. Since its founding in 2004, Attain Consulting Group, led by Jessica Butler, has helped numerous clients in many industries to streamline their processes and recover deductions. Attain Consulting also offers a variety of On-line Education workshops to enhance a professional’s knowledge of various deduction-related topics and other important subjects. We welcome you to explore our website or contact us today to find out more.
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