About Us

Attain Consulting Group

Attain Consulting Group is a deduction and chargeback management advisory firm dedicated to helping companies improve profitability by reducing and controlling chargebacks and deductions. Founded by Jessica Butler, Attain Consulting Group provides practical, experience-based solutions to companies looking to minimize dilution due to compliance violations and, at the same time, work toward improving trading partner relationships. Focusing on “Deduction Reduction,” Attain Consulting Group offers a wide variety of services covering all areas of the deduction management process.

Whether you are looking to increase the effectiveness of your deduction management activities, improve cross-department cooperation, identify the root cause of your top recurring deductions or increase customer recoveries through the development of sound strategies while improving your trading partner relationships, Attain Consulting Group can guide you through the process.

Through Attain Academy, Attain Consulting Group’s web-based learning seminars, companies are now able to gain valuable knowledge and learn about best practices without leaving the office. Adding new sessions quarterly, companies can now keep their deduction team current on all of the latest deduction strategies and solutions. For a listing of seminars and recorded training sessions and to register or access events,click here.