Deduction Resources

The Attain Challenge

Want to evaluate the effectiveness of your deduction and chargeback management processes? Take The Attain Challenge by answering the questions below. After submitting your responses we will send you a personalized review, providing tips & strategies in those areas where you have indicated an opportunity for improvement.

  • Are you effectively managing retailer compliance requirements and staying current with changes to compliance manuals and routing guides?
  • Do you have a standard process in place to deal with the compliance requirements of new customers?
  • Do you have a documented Trading Partner Sales Agreement, which is used to communicate your deduction-related terms and conditions?
  • Does your sales department consistently inform you of “deals” they have made with customers on a timely basis?
  • Do you have routine cross-functional meetings to discuss chargebacks and deductions?
  • Do you have a good track record for implementing process improvements to prevent controllable deductions from reoccurring?
  • Do your deduction reports give you the “right” information at your fingertips?
  • Is your staff trained in negotiation strategies for effective recovery?
  • Do you meet with your key trading partners at least once per year to discuss deduction issues, including possible settlements, waivers and exemptions and collaborative business practices?
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