Deduction Benchmark Assessment Tool

This Deduction Benchmark Assessment Tool utilizes the information gathered in Attain Consulting Group’s 2018 Customer Deduction Benchmark Survey to help you measure and evaluate your company’s deduction management performance against others in your industry.

Based on the input of more than 200 companies across 10 industry groups, the survey results provide benchmarks for a wide range of deduction evaluation metrics.

After entering the required data points in the fields below and selecting ‘Submit’, your Results page will be displayed, benchmarking your performance, along with several high-level recommendations to enhance overall deduction management.

(Exclude all trade deductions as well as returns. Include shortages, compliance violations, penalties and other non-trade deductions)
(Total deduction $ that are invalid and/or disputed with customers)
(Total invalid / disputed deduction $ that are recovered from customers)
(Your average open deduction balance)
(Percent of your open deductions which are greater than 90 days old)

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