Compliance Claim Policies

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There is a wide variation among vendor companies in how (and if) they communicate claim information requirements to customers. At one end of the spectrum, some companies have no documented compliance claim policies in place and do little on a formal basis to set guidelines with their customers. At the other end of the spectrum, there are vendors who have formal compliance policies in place covering areas ranging from the timing that deductions can be taken to the supporting documentation that must accompany each type of claim. In this document, we look at various types of compliance claim policies vendors have created in an effort to take some control over certain aspects of deduction management. We also review the success vendor have had in their attempts to modify their customer’s vendor agreements.

The Compliance Claim Policies White Paper is divided into the following sections:

  1. Survey Statistics
  2. Do Claim Policies Help?
  3. Vendor Policies – Key Components
    – General Compliance / Deduction Policies
    – Return Policies
    – Terms & Conditions
  4. Modifying Customer’s Vendor Agreements


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