Managing and communicating retail compliance requirements is the first step in deduction prevention. Given the number of requirements for each retailer and volume of changes that take place, this can be a challenging and time consuming process. Companies have developed a variety of solutions to help facilitate and streamline the process, ranging from spreadsheets and manual summaries to more sophisticated databases which are integrated into the order processing or warehouse management system, and automatically check and flag orders or shipments which are not in compliance. This White Paper discusses the various processes and systems vendors have put in place to assist in managing compliance data within their organizations.

The Managing Compliance Information White Paper is divided into the following sections:

  1. General Compliance Requirement Management
    – Process
    – Use of Automated Service
  2. Maintaining & Communicating Compliance Requirement Data
    – Integrated into ERP / WMS System
    – Custom Developed Tools
    – Shared Access Documents
  3. Challenges


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