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What goals and objectives do companies set to drive performance related to deduction management? How do companies measure and evaluate the performance of those who are responsible for deduction management? Like so many aspects of deduction management, the results of this review show that there is not one “right” answer or way to measure performance to achieve success. While there are certainly some common threads (and measures) running through most companies, we found several different strategies ranging from formal goal setting and measurement to informal “do what needs to get done” cultures which are being used by companies with successful results.

The Deduction Performance Goals & Objectives White Paper is divided into the following sections:

  1. What Measures & Goals are Used in Measuring Deduction Performance?
  2. How are Goals, Measures & Objectives Set?
  3. Are Goals “Shared” Across Departments?
  4. Are Measures & Goals Used to Monitor Activity, Measure Performance or Both?
  5. How are Performance Reviews & Appraisals Conducted for People Involved in Deduction Management?
  6. Are Bonuses Awarded for Specific Deduction-Related Activities?
  7. Are Deductions Budgeted?
  8. Following Corrective Actions, is Performance Measured to Monitor Results?


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