There is no single “right” way to manage deductions. Some companies centralize the responsibility for research and resolution within one department, while others make each department responsible for researching and resolving the deductions they “caused”. In some companies, the group that researches deductions often initiates the need for corrective actions, where in other companies, the two functions are kept separate. This report provides “best practice” information based on feedback received from several companies. It can help provide some useful tips in how best to manage deductions within your organizational structure.

The Deduction Processing White Paper is divided into the following sections:

  1. Researching Deductions
  2. Recovery of Invalid Deductions
  3. Reason Codes
  4. Deduction Prevention
  5. How Long Should Deductions Age
  6. Use of Automated Deduction Tools
  7. Appendices
    – Sample reason codes


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