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In looking at the overall trading partner relationship from the vendor’s perspective, the question comes up – How you measuring your Customer’s performance? Do you have any type of scorecard where you are evaluating how easy or difficult it is to do business with them? Are there things that your customers are doing that may be causing or contributing to lower scores you are receiving on their scorecards? How would you know, and even if you did, what could you do about it and would it make a difference? This document looks at what many of you are doing today to measure customer performance and provides an approach for you to consider.

The Measuring Customer Performance White Paper is divided into the following sections:

  1. What Are You Doing Today?
    – Measures Being Used
    – Gathering the Data
    – Using the Information
  2. An Approach to Consider
    – Sample Company Scorecard
    – Approach to Consider Scorecard


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