In an effort to increase sales and improve profitability, retailers are constantly trying to find ways to both differentiate themselves from the competition and reduce the work being done at their DCs and stores when receiving product. As a result, suppliers may be asked to add retailer-specific price tickets to products or require unique packaging. These value added services (VAS) require additional work on the part of the suppliers ranging from evaluating whether the request can be fulfilled, to ensuring that the VAS are done correctly. This report looks at how companies are currently managing VAS.

The Value Added Services White Paper is divided into the following sections:

  1. Current VAS Experience
  2. Saying “NO” to VAS Requests
  3. To Charge or Not to Charge (and what does it cost anyway?)
  4. Where are VAS Performed?
  5. VAS Approval Processes
  6. How are .com Shipments Handled?


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