Deduction Resources


A variety of deduction publications are available through Attain Consulting Group.

Articles – Attain Consulting Group frequently publishes or is quoted in articles on relevant deduction and chargeback management issues. Below is a listing of our publications, which you may find helpful in improving your organization’s deduction management processes. These articles are offered at no charge. (For more information on getting copies of articles where no link is available, please contact us.)

CAB White Papers – Attain Consulting Group facilitates a prestigious group of companies, called its Compliance Advisory Board (CAB), in the quarterly review, discussion and analysis of chargeback and deduction related issues. At the conclusion of each review, a white paper is developed containing the findings, insights and best practices of the group. White Paper topics and summaries are provided below. CAB White Papers may be purchased for $59 each.


  • Credit Research Foundation, Customer Deductions 2012 Edition (Collaboration with CRF), May 2012
  • WAUSAU Financial Systems, Improve Profitability by Reducing the Cost of Deductions, May 2011
  • AR Matters, Taking Charge of Chargebacks, May-June 2010
  • Home Furnishings Business, Chargebacks: A Sticky Matter, August 2010
  • Credit Research Foundation, Customer Deductions 2009 Edition (Collaboration with CRF), June 2009
  • Business Credit, Successful Customer Settlement Strategies, April 2008
  • Credit Today, Managing Pre-Deduction Notification Information, November 2007
  • Credit Research Foundation, Customer Deductions 2006 Edition (Collaboration with CRF), Sept 2006
  • Business Credit, Managing Deductions — Negotiating For Success, April, 2005
  • Credit Today, Negotiation Basics for Deductions & Chargebacks, Oct., Nov., Dec., 2004
  • Credit Research Foundation, Customer Deductions 2003 Edition (Collaboration with CRF), Aug 2003
  • Business Credit, Preventing Deductions: Start by Managing Retail Compliance Information, February 2003
  • Credit Today, Here’s What You Can Do To Control Chargebacks, September 2002
  • Collections & Credit Risk, Taming the Chargeback Beast, September 2002
  • Collections & Credit Risk, Automating Collections in an ERP World, March 2002
  • USIndustry Today, Improving Profitability by Reducing & Controlling Chargebacks, May 2002
  • Credit Today, Taking Charge of Chargebacks Often Starts in Your Own Backyard, Sept. 2000

CAB White Papers (click on this link to purchase specific white papers)

  • Measuring Customer Performance (2012)
  • Deduction Performance Goals & Objectives (2012)
  • Compliance Claim Policies (2011)
  • Freight & Transportation Issues (2011)
  • Managing Post Audit Deductions (2011)
  • Deduction Processing (2011)
  • Value Added Services (2010)
  • Accountability & Corrective Actions (2010)
  • Shipping & Shortages (2010)
  • Creating “Cheat Sheets” to Manage Compliance Requirements (2009)