Our Impact


“ I found the Butler’s Best webinar on Using Excel to Manage Deductions beneficial to my daily duties of managing a shared worksheet. After the webinar I updated my spreadsheet to include some of the 'Smart Data' that we went over. Great webinar! ”

Lead, Category Specialist
Consumer Products Company

“ The webinar I attended today from Butler’s Best was so informative and helpful. I was so excited to learn all that Excel can do for me as a Manager that I couldn't wait to try it out. I have been looking for good reporting tools for years, and I find they were right here all the time! Thank you so much for showing me how to be more successful in my position. ”

Linda Weiss
Manager, Compliance Department
Conair Corporation

“ Thank you for your insightful Excel session. The features you discussed are a great help in creating reports. I use some of the tools you discussed on a daily basis, others I wasn't aware about, or never considered using, until I saw their potential during your webinar. ”

Dina Robinson
Compliance Manager
Ellery Homestyles, LLC

“ Thanks so much for putting some of Excel in to English! It was very helpful and I am looking forward to the next Butler’s Best presentation. ”

Susan Botsford
Senior Credit Manager

“ Thank you for your time and presentation. I learned a lot from it and it was very well worth it. ”

Jessica Sutherland
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Bestco Inc.

“ I found the Butler’s Best presentation informative for all levels of suppliers. ”

Jana Killion
Collection/Claims Manager
Sports Licensed Division of The Adidas Group LLC

“ Butler’s Best: Keys to Effective Cross-Functional Teams gave us plenty of food for thought and a little inspiration to try to make our current teams more cohesive. Communication is one thing but communicating effectively is one take away we got from this webinar. ”

CFS Analyst
Footwear Company

“ Butler's Bests are short, concise and practical learning bursts that fuel best practice use to resolve problems. ”

Jeff Fahy
Collection and Credit Support Supervisor
Roche Diagnostics Corporation

“ Jessica gave us the road map to chargeback recovery and prevention. We are following the map and reaping the rewards. ”

VP Operations
niche accessories company

“ I was telling my colleague how much I enjoy the presentations you deliver. They are always filled with new information and tips that help me in my job. I am amazed with how much knowledge you have in all aspects of chargebacks and recovery. I look forward to attending many more of your sessions in the future. ”

Jennifer O’Keefe
Chargeback Analyst
Sean John

“ The negotiation training that Jessica provided gave us an immediate ROI. Our collectors feel empowered and I have seen their productivity improve dramatically. ”

Sr. Manager Compliance
EDI – leading footwear company

“ Jessica provides a type of personalized assistance which is beneficial in providing results in all types of environments. She was able to train and motivate our staff while at the same time, work with us to strengthen our relationships with key trading partners. ”

Director of Chargebacks and Compliance
Interactive Software Company

“ In a short period of time, Jessica was able to come in and help our company focus our efforts in reducing & controlling deductions. The results have been financially rewarding. ”

$750 million apparel company

“ Jessica Butler has presented at several AAFA events over the years. She is a realist who can quickly identify problems and provide practical approaches for companies experiencing compliance violations which are affecting a company’s bottom line, personnel and efficiencies in its business applications. She has the ability to motivate people and improve both internal and external communications across the board, resulting in a much more productive working environment. ”

Mary Howell
Vice President, Industry Relations
American Apparel & Footwear Association

“ At LeapFrog, we were dealing with significant "growing pains" stressing our processes and systems. Jessica was able to pull together the right teams of people, and build the metrics and reports that gave us insight into resolving customer claims efficiently and effectively. As a result of this work, our relationship with customers has improved considerably, and the remittance process has been significantly streamlined. ”

Bill Chiasson
Chief Executive Officer
LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.

“ There is no one in the area of deduction management with more knowledge and credibility than Jessica Butler. ”

Lyle Wallis
Credit Research Foundation