FREE! – Using Core Deduction Reason Codes

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a common set of deduction reason codes?

While getting everyone to agree on and use the same reason codes may not be totally feasible, did you know that a list of 70 “Core Adjustment Reason Codes” was published in 2014 by X9, the ANSI accredited standards organization for the financial services industry? Based on the work of the Remittance Coalition, a group of over 150 companies working to streamline and automate remittance processing, a subset of the more than 600 EDI adjustment reason codes currently available were consolidated into this Core listing.

During this complimentary Butler’s Best session, get the list of Core Reason Codes, learn how you can map them to your current EDI adjustment codes, regardless of what EDI version you are using, and hear about the current activities underway to promote adoption across customers, suppliers and software providers. You will also be provided with a link to the full technical report.

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