Tips for Using Excel to Manage Deductions

How Well Do You Know Excel?? Most of us use Excel as part of our day-to-day job activities. For many people, Excel is their primary tool for managing and reporting deductions. How proficient an Excel user would you consider yourself? Do you routinely use Pivot Tables for your deduction reporting and Vlookup functionality to efficiently consolidate information from multiple spreadsheets? Did you know that Excel has a ‘Text to Speech’ function that can help you validate spreadsheet information and reduce data entry errors? When you want to replace the formula in a cell with the value, do you use copy / paste special / value or the shortcut F2 / F9 / Enter?

During this Butler’s Best session, I will share best practice highlights for managing deductions using Excel, including data elements you should be capturing, Pivot reporting views and a number of Excel features and functions which you may not be aware of that are sure to improve your productivity.
Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 1:30pm

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